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Things to Do in St Jude’s

As a mix of a commercial, residential, and light industrial area, St. Jude’s is located at the central Bristol, England, with several historical scenery, restaurants, hotels, and parks. Bristol information can be seen at this link.


The Bishop’s Chapel is at the heart of the Palace, and it is an area where people offer worship and prayer for many centuries. The place welcomes visitors of different faiths, and they can stop to reflex about the ancient peace of this sacred place. Discover facts about Places to Visit in Easton.

Historic Wells

You will have many things to engage you in Wells when you visit The Bishop’s Palace. You will be given guided tours all through the day when you visit Wells Cathedral. You will realize that it is worth a visit with centuries of stories to share. You can donate at the main entrance when you are accessing the Cathedral, and you will have to pay for admission to the Palace.

Family Fun

At the Bishop’s Palace in Wells, you will want to allow your imagination to run wild. Receive the ancient story map by crossing the Drawbridge and put your wit to place to lead you through the Palace Gardens to experience The Dragon’s Lair. The interactive, recent discovery area has the stories and themes around the Palace. You will be able to exercise your body and mind with sluice gates, a waterwheel, tree pods, and a pole jungle.