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Workplace Mediation

Resolving Conflicts In The Workplace. Restoring Harmony. Delivering Fair results. Getting On With Business.

Workplace Mediation In Bristol

It is almost inevitable in a modern workplace that there will be some conflict. In offices up and down the land, people work in teams, large and small, and differences of opinions can lead to damaging disagreements. Social media adds an extra layer of complexity to the picture, and can give rise to situations which are sub-optimal for employees, the business and its standing and reputation.

When relationships break down in the workplace, mediation can be the glue that helps to put them back together or the bubble wrap that prevents more damage. Mediation can help everybody confront the difficult issues that they are facing and help them to ring-fence damage, and put disgruntled parties in a position that resolves the problem before it has the chance to spiral out of control.

Mediation, Not Litigation

Where a situation has moved towards legal proceedings, mediation is the means to resolve it without needless expense and publicity – and will save everyone a huge amount of stress too.

Workplace mediation in Bristol can be used to resolve lots of common workplace disputes, including:


  • Problems brought up in, or arising as a result of grievance or disciplinary procedures
  • Conflict and relationship issues within teams or between certain individuals
  • Matters of harassment, bullying or other inappropriate behaviour or attitudes
  • Contractual disputes, including those related to pay, terms and conditions or exit from the business
  • Conflict amongst Senior Management or at Board Level
  • Disputes arising from communication problems
  • Where parties lack confidence in internal dispute resolution procedures or personnel

“We were all impressed by the empathy, skill and quick-thinking of our mediator. She really helped us.”

A. Director

In all of the above situations, and others, workplace mediation is a quick and effective way that problems can be solved and situations settled in a way that maintains confidentiality and results in an agreement being reached. Mediation means that legal expense, “man hours” and sick leave are all minimised. It is simply the very best alternative to the contrary antagonism, expense, time, stress and general disruption that ensues as a result of court cases or industrial tribunals.

If your business has experienced a few problems with conflict in the workplace it can be a good idea to let us help you explore and address those in term of training. Just as mediation is simply better then litigation, so prevention is better than cure.

"The mediator lifted everyone's spirits and when they had finished we all felt so much happier and were able to get on with work again."

Mediation Consultancy And Mediation Awareness Trianing

We can help the appropriate members of your team to be able to be able to prevent problems from arising or address concerns earlier before they become conflicts.

If you have appropriate procedures and people with the necessary skills, you can reduce the chances of conflict arising and diminish the instances where it gets out of control and become a bigger problem.

This sort of mediation training can assist your company to:

  • Increase engagement, and boost good communication
  • Augment best procedures and employee attitude and behaviour
  • Raise employee motivation and productivity
  • Improve on morale and the general environment
  • Enhance satisfaction among employees and improve absenteeism
  • Greatly decrease costs and lost working hours to disputes and unproductive disagreements

Mediation awareness training has been used to great effect in many organisations in large and small businesses and organisations – including various NHS departments, charities, care organisations, police forces, and a host of SME companies too.

“Very helpful and really cost effective. So many thanks!”

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