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Why Choose Mediation Over Litigation?

The Pros of Mediation

Both mediation and litigation are acceptable channels of dispute resolutions. However, they apply very different methods to get to a resolution, and each method has its pros and cons, even though the pros of mediation outweigh those of litigation by a country mile. Here are some of the ways in which mediation is better. Click here for facts about Bristol.

Flexibility and Control

With mediation, the parties can set the terms of how to go about the whole process. This includes setting rules about how to go about the process and matters involving how the schedule works. It is the case with litigation because they have to abide by the legal system’s rules and control. Read about What Makes Mediation So Successful here.


According to research and statistics, on average, court cases take 12-16 months longer to arrive at a final resolution than when mediation is applied.

Mediator Selection

The involved parties have the power to choose a mediator with expertise on the subject matter instead of being assigned a random judge, as is the case with litigation. This comes in handy, especially with complex cases that require specialized knowledge.

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