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As the song goes, “Sorry Seems To be The Hardest Word”. And as conflict resolution professionals we can all recognise that “hot blood” is a major factor in disputes that get to litigation.

As the process goes forward, the postions become more entrenched and the act of showing contrition in any part of the background becomes mired in the fear of losing face.

“What Happens If I Lose Face..?”

It’s the mediator’s job to re-frame that to show that contrition is natural, and showing it is part of bridging gaps and healing. The process will show that coming to a resolution is so much more in the interests of the combatant than holding on to the anger that only perpetuates the distressing dispute.

Here’s a quick take by Seth Godin (great blog if you’re unaware of it): https://seths.blog/2019/10/im-sorry-takes-guts/

Until next time, apologies for the interruption! : )

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