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What Is Mediation in Bristol, UK?

Mediation in the UK is a legal agreement that is arranged between an employer and an employee or any other party in relation to any employment-related dispute. The parties can discuss and settle their differences through a neutral third party or through a judge who presides over the case. The mediator works on behalf of both the employer and the employee so he or she will not impose any decision on either of the parties. A mediator tries to find a solution to the dispute that is acceptable to both parties. In addition to that, a mediator tries to reach a compromise that does not go beyond the terms set by the contract. Learn more here.

Mediation in Bristol is also known as a ‘mutual agreement’ or ‘mutual assistance’ agreement. It is a binding contract and one that cannot be broken by either party. This is because the parties are bound by the agreement made by the mediator, even if they were not able to reach a compromise on the contract itself. However, some companies may refuse to enter into a contract with a mediator if they believe that the case would end up in court. In such cases, the company has to hire another mediator who is not bound by the same contract. Learn more about Get a Mediation Service in Bristol, United Kingdom.

The process of Mediation in Bristol starts when the employee files for a complaint against his or her employer. Once the complaint has been filed, the employer needs to contact the employee’s trade union or a legal representative who is authorized to act on the behalf of the employee. He or she then requests that a meeting be arranged so that the two parties can sit down and discuss the situation. In most cases, the employer would hire a mediator from an agency who would act on the employer’s behalf. Once the two parties agree on a mediator, the next step is to contact the worker’s representative so that he or she can arrange a meeting between the employer and the mediator.

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