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The Cumberland Basin

The Cumberland Basin is the main entrance to the docks of the city of Bristol, England.  It separates the areas of Hotwells from the tip of Spike Island.

The River Avon never flowed through the Cumberland Basin.  Before the 19th century improvements and the construction of the non-tidal Floating Harbour, the Avon flowed through the tidal harbour and out through the future location of the Underfall Yard.  When the basin and Floating Harbour were constructed the river was diverted through the New Cut, bypassing the harbour entirely. Further facts about Bristol, UK can be found here.

Following competition from other ports, in 1802 William Jessop proposed installing a dam and lock at Hotwells to create the harbour.  The 530,000 pounds scheme was approved by Parliament, and construction began in May 1804.  The scheme included the construction of the Cumberland Basin, a large wide stretch of the harbour in Hotwells where the Quay walls and bollards have listed building status. Information about Bristol, United Kingdom can be found here. 

The new scheme required a way to balance the levels inside and outside the Dock for the passage of vessels to and from the Avon, and bridges to cross the water.

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