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St Werburghs City Farm, Bristol, UK

Located in Brislington, Bristol, St Werburghs City Farm is a community-run and open-access green oasis in the heart of the city. It offers a diverse range of activities to enjoy, whether you’re a local looking to get involved in your community or a tourist eager to explore a unique and natural aspect of the English capital. Spanning over four acres of land, St Werburghs City Farm is a vibrant haven of peacefulness and wonder – ripe with wildlife, including ducks, chickens, rabbits, sheep, and goats – raising awareness of a more sustainable approach to keeping bonds with nature. On top of that, there is a diverse range of activities and events to facilitate a fun-packed day for the whole family. Learn more here.

Firstly, the site is home to a children’s play area and activity barn area, making it the perfect destination for entertaining the kids for free! The play barn houses a sandpit, toy tractors, and farm animals, giving way to a great day out for little ones. For those seeking something a little more stimulating, volunteers are on hand to supervise or even help during activities such as building and outdoor activities. Helped by the help of enthusiastic volunteers and believed to be a great way to encourage children to develop an appreciation for the countryside, St-Werburghs City farm hosts a variety of seasonal activities such as Christmas markets and Easter egg hunts, a pick-your-own crop of ripe strawberry fields, pumpkin patches, and even a scarecrow festival. Learn more about Absolutely Karting Bristol, Bristol, UK.