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St Werburgh’s City Farm: A Community Oasis in Bristol


St Werburgh’s City Farm, nestled in the heart of Bristol, United Kingdom, stands as a vibrant testament to the power of community engagement, urban agriculture, and education. Since its inception, this urban farm has flourished as a hub for learning, recreation, and sustainability, offering residents a unique opportunity to connect with nature and animals right in the midst of the city. Learn more here.

A Historical Overview

Established in 1980 on the grounds of an abandoned plot, St Werburgh’s City Farm was the brainchild of local residents seeking to transform a neglected space into a thriving community resource. Over the years, the farm has evolved from its humble beginnings, growing to encompass not only a variety of farm animals but also educational programs and outreach initiatives. Learn more about Castle Park: A Historic Oasis in the Heart of Bristol.

Urban Agriculture and Biodiversity

One of the farm’s primary missions is to showcase the possibilities of urban agriculture. With limited space, the farm employs innovative farming techniques such as vertical gardening, container planting, and aquaponics to maximize yields. This not only provides fresh produce for the community but also serves as a model for sustainable farming practices within an urban environment. The farm’s commitment to biodiversity is evident in its carefully curated gardens that support local wildlife and pollinators.

Education and Community Engagement

St Werburgh’s City Farm serves as an open-air classroom, offering a range of educational programs for visitors of all ages. Schoolchildren frequently visit to learn about farming, animal husbandry, and the importance of sustainable living. Workshops on topics like composting, organic gardening, and renewable energy sources are also regularly conducted, empowering the community to adopt eco-friendly practices.

Animal Welfare and Therapy

The farm is home to an array of animals, including goats, chickens, pigs, and rabbits. These animals play a crucial role in educating visitors about responsible animal care and promoting empathy towards animals. Additionally, the farm provides animal-assisted therapy programs that offer therapeutic interactions for individuals with disabilities or mental health challenges.


St Werburgh’s City Farm stands as a testament to what a committed community can achieve when united by a common goal. By combining urban agriculture, education, and animal welfare, the farm not only enriches the lives of Bristol residents but also inspires similar initiatives worldwide. As urban spaces continue to expand, this thriving oasis serves as a reminder of the potential for green spaces to foster community, sustainability, and environmental stewardship.