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Cotham and All the Funfairs

If you are in the quest to discover some family-friendly attractions in Cotham, you have come to the right place.Bristol  can be seen here.

Cheddar Treasure Hunt Trail

The cheesy treasure hunt is on! If you are a diary enthusiast, the Cheddar Treasure Hunt Trail is your ideal for it with the promise of something yummy to pop on a cracker, famous limestone gorge, and the ancient market square. You may have to navigate your way around the trail with handy tips and hints that lead to tasty clues all over the town by downloading your route PDF before you get a slice of the action. Click here to read about Best Things to Do Near The Arches.

City Sightseeing Bath Hop on Hop off

An essential slice of literature is the Bath with ancient, vast history to boot. You can explore more than 36 stops and its many nooks and crannies. You can take the view across to Beechen Cliff, where the much-loved writer used to walk if you are a fan of Jane Austin. Exceptional spots you will want to see are the Terrace Walk lined with the Victorian statue and The Royal Crescent.

Huntfun Bath

Get yourself to be a family of adventurers as you become your hidden treasure map. You will need to follow the trail to fun on the Huntfun Treasure hunt in Bath as you get down to solving the clues.