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Check Out the Stages in Family Mediation

Several couples in Bristol have done family mediation to restore peace between themselves. However, not all mediators can bring harmony between the two partners. Expertise is required because some disputes are complicated. Mediators should be patient as some people have extreme anger and can take a longer time to cool down. At GetMediation Bristol, we are successful because you must follow these stages.Bristol can be seen here.

  • Referral to mediation: We get to know the mediating couple through a solicitor. We can also meet the couple directly.
  • The Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM): The mediator meets parties and assesses their problems separately.
  •  First mediation session: The mediator sends each party some documents that can help them sink into the mediation process to resolve their disputes efficiently.
  •  Ongoing Mediation Process and Substantiation: The mediator writes a mediator record that contains information on what the parties are required to do for the next session.
  • Conclusion: After the agreement, the mediator draws an MOU or an OFS if applicable.

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