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Castle Park

Castle Park, often referred to as Castle Green, is a public open space in Bristol, England, managed by Bristol City Council. It is bounded by the Floating Harbour and Castle Street to the south, Lower Castle Street to the east, and Broad Weir, Newgate and Wine Street to the north. Its western boundary is less obviously defined and has been the subject of controversy, perhaps because the area around High Street and St Mary le Port Church, though not part of the park and always intended for development, is often considered at the same time as the park. Information can be found here.

Opened on 30 September 1978, the park occupies the site of what was once Bristol’s main shopping district. The area was largely destroyed by the Luftwaffe during the Blitz, and that which remained was subsequently demolished. In the years since the end of the Second World War, Castle Park has become home to a number of anti-fascist memorials. See here for information about The Clifton Suspension Bridge.

The grassy areas surrounding Bristol’s Castle Park have become well-known for area festivals, sightseeing and gatherings.  Castle Park is most definitely a great draw to the area and is a must see for visitors and locals alike to Bristol and the surrounding regions.