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Bristol Mediation Services

GetMediation Bristol mediation services are all-encompassing.  Our expertly trained and skilled dispute resolution specialists are the best at what they do. More can be found here.

GetMediation Bristol specializes in the following areas:

  • Commercial Mediation in Bristol
  • Family Mediation in Bristol
  • Inheritance Mediation in Bristol
  • Workplace Mediation in Bristol
  • Property Mediation in Bristol


Confidentiality is said to be the cornerstone of mediation.  When all aspects of the mediation process are kept confidential, parties involved learn to trust the overall process and do not hesitate to fully disclose helpful information.  In addition, mediators are able to dig deep into the true emotions and intent of all involved in an attempt to resolve the overall issue. See also about Mediators in Bristol, UK.


Due to the nature of the mediation process, all parties are able to rest at ease knowing participation is fully voluntary.  Unlike with court proceedings, parties involved in mediation are never read an oath or forced to disclose any information they do now wish to freely provide.

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In the Bristol mediation services process, GetMediation Bristol facilitators and all parties involved are not restricted by any process.  This allows mediations and discussions to flow freely into any helpful direction towards dispute resolution.

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