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Best Playgrounds and Parks in Ashley Down

In our quest to discover some attractive and brilliant places to visit in Ashley Down and some family attractions, we have rounded up some of the best playgrounds and parks in Ashley Down. Learn information about Bristol.

Brandon Hill Park

With its spectacular sunsets, city’s panoramic views, and plenty to interest everyone, Brandon Hill Park is Bristol’s most popular picnic spot.  You can feed the vast number of squirrels supported by the area even when the park doesn’t boast a great many facilities. If you want the squirrels to come to you, sit still for a while with plenty of nuts in hand. Wheelchair users and those with disabilities will have limited access to the area due to the site’s rugged nature. Discover facts about Attractions in Narroways.

Clifton & Durdham Downs

If you want a green escape on the edge of Bristol, you will find the perfect fit at The Downs. The place will keep you busy with loads of activities like exploring the different regional trails, football, kite flying, cycling, and horse riding. You can also visit some of the stunning local landmarks as you learn about the area’s wildlife protection. The excitement continues when you visit the place by going to the Roman Road or An Iron Age hillfort. The site will also allows you to view of the Avon George and the surrounding areas at camera obscura and the Clifton Observatory.