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Awkley, Bristol BS32 4LW, UK: A Brief Overview

Location and Postal Code:

Awkley is a locality in Bristol, United Kingdom, with the postal code BS32 4LW. Nestled within the vibrant city of Bristol, Awkley is part of the BS32 postal district, contributing to this historic city’s diverse tapestry of neighborhoods. Learn more here.

Geographical Significance:

Awkley is strategically positioned within the Bristol region, known for its rich history, cultural vibrancy, and economic significance. Its location within the BS32 postal code places it in proximity to various amenities, educational institutions, and recreational spaces that contribute to residents’ overall quality of life. Learn more about Chew Stoke, Bristol, UK: A Picturesque Village with Rich Heritage.

Postal Code BS32 4LW:

The postal code BS32 4LW is specific to Awkley, offering a unique identifier for the area. Postal codes play a crucial role in efficiently delivering mail and packages, ensuring that residents and businesses in Awkley receive their correspondence and parcels promptly.

Local Amenities and Facilities:

While specific details about local amenities may vary, areas within the BS32 postal district typically enjoy access to schools, parks, shopping centers, healthcare facilities, and transportation hubs. Awkley residents may benefit from the convenience of nearby services and the sense of community that comes with living in this part of Bristol.

Community and Lifestyle:

The community spirit in Awkley, as in many Bristol neighborhoods, contributes to a vibrant and inclusive lifestyle. Residents often engage in local events, community activities, and social gatherings that foster connections among neighbors. The diverse mix of residential and commercial spaces adds to the dynamic character of Awkley.


Awkley, with its postal code BS32 4LW, is an integral part of Bristol’s diverse landscape. Beyond being a geographical location, Awkley represents a community where residents experience a unique blend of urban living and local charm. The postal code BS32 4LW is not just a set of characters; it’s a code that ties together the fabric of Awkley, contributing to the larger narrative of Bristol’s cultural and communal identity.