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Aston Wood Golf Club: A Golfer’s Paradise in Sutton Coldfield, United Kingdom


Aston Wood Golf Club, nestled in the picturesque countryside of Sutton Coldfield, United Kingdom, is a golfer’s paradise offering a delightful blend of challenging courses and scenic beauty. With its state-of-the-art facilities and warm hospitality, the club has earned a well-deserved reputation among golf enthusiasts in the region. Learn information about Birmingham.

Championship-Quality Courses

At Aston Wood Golf Club, golfers can test their skills on championship-quality courses designed to cater to players of all levels. The 18-hole course, meticulously maintained with lush fairways and well-manicured greens, provides a rewarding experience for beginners and seasoned players. Discover facts about Sutton Park: A Natural Oasis in Sutton Coldfield, United Kingdom.

Stunning Scenery

Surrounded by rolling hills, ancient woodlands, and tranquil lakes, Aston Wood Golf Club boasts a breathtaking backdrop that enhances the overall golfing experience. The picturesque views and serene ambiance create an enjoyable atmosphere for golfers to relax and connect with nature.

Clubhouse and Amenities

The club’s welcoming clubhouse offers a range of amenities to complement the golfing experience. Golfers and guests can unwind at the bar and restaurant, savoring delectable meals while relishing panoramic views of the course. The Pro Shop is stocked with premium golfing equipment and apparel, catering to the needs of players.

Golfing Events and Community

Aston Wood Golf Club hosts various golfing events and tournaments throughout the year, fostering a strong sense of community among members. From friendly competitions to charity fundraisers, these events provide opportunities for golfers to showcase their skills and camaraderie.


Aston Wood Golf Club is a beacon for golf enthusiasts in Sutton Coldfield, offering an unparalleled golfing experience amidst stunning natural surroundings. Whether seeking a challenging game, a serene escape, or a vibrant golfing community, this club has something to offer golfers of all ages and abilities.