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Top Five Reasons to Mediate an Inheritance Dispute

No Need to Involve the Courts 

The nuclear family is a fluid concept these days, and with complex family relationships, disputes are bound to arise when the division of an estate is involved. This happens whether there is a will but is being challenged or when there is no will at all. In such times mediation is the best way to go because it helps to alleviate anxiety and aggression. Bristol can be seen here.


Mediation will take two weeks at most to arrange, and if everything goes well, the deliberations will only take a day. Inheritance litigation, on the other hand, can drag for up to two years. Click here to read about Discover the Best Mediation Team in Bristol.

Comfort and Informality

Let’s not forget that these people are grieving, and litigation can be quite unbearable. With mediation, however, you get a comfortable, compassionate, and informal place where you feel safe and can unburden yourself confidentially and honestly.

To Preserve Family Relationships

To put it simply, litigation encourages antagonism and will not do any good to family relationships that might be deteriorating. On the other hand, mediation helps to keep those ties and keeps the door open for reconciliation.

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To Save Costs

Two years of litigation expenses can be enormous, and the only way to avoid this is by going down the mediation route.