What you need to Know?

As you can see at GetMediation we’ve built our reputation on helping people put painful and expensive disputes behind them so they can get on with their lives and with living.

Our passion and philosophy is that mediation is manifestly preferable to litigation and we believe it is important for you to get the most from the process. Because of that it’s important you understand what mediation is and what it is not.

Your GetMediation mediator is not a judge, and they’re not here to offer you legal advice. They are there to help you and your opponent in the dispute find a solution that works for each of you.

This solution will be something that you both agree – and it will be a binding agreement. A written agreement will be drawn up and signed after a successful conclusion to the mediation – and mediation works so well because this is YOUR agreement. In other words, YOU have worked through the issues and arrived at your own solution – it hasn’t been imposed on you.

Mediation is so successful because you simply can’t lose! If you don’t agree, then there’s no deal.

The mediated solution is often the “common sense” solution, rather than something imposed on you by a court (after months or even years of anguish and expense).

It’s unlikely that either participant will get everything they wanted (just as it is in court) but each participant can live with and accept it because a mediated solution is something that:

  • Saves further legal fees (including the risk on paying opponent’s costs after losing in court)
  • Instantly ends the stress and sleepless nights caused by the ongoing dispute
  • Gives the participants their lives back
  • Removes any uncertainty about the outcome in court
  • Saves an enormous amount of time
  • Gives ownership – this agreement is owned by the parties – not imposed by a judge
  • Can save face and preserve or repair relationships – both participants are “winners” and less adversarial as a result

For all these reasons (and more) mediation proves time and again to be a much better solution provider than court.

It’s obvious when you take a moment to think about it. Why would you want to spend many months more in turmoil and full of trepidation along with many thousands of pounds to eventually get to stand in an austere, intimidating court room and have a formal and stern figure impose a compromise on you?

It’s only common sense – and you can see the benefits of mediation for yourself, so you can book your mediation in confidence now

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