What will I Pay?

GetMediation Fees (all figures are usually plus VAT)

GetMediation is all about giving YOU the best service at the best fixed price.

The table below is based on typical commercial/civil mediation rates, using a fully qualified and accredited Mediator of appropriate skill and experience. It includes the cost of your Mediator (except VAT which is usually, but not always, applicable) so you know exactly where you stand. There’s no admin charge (unlike some other providers) – and if you need a venue we can help with that too. GetMediation is here to make things as quick and easy as possible for you – and to give you peace of mind combined with efficiency and cost-savings.

Fees may sometimes vary (up or down) depending on factors such as complexity (multiple parties to the dispute, or a requirement for an unusual amount of preparation, for example). If your dispute does not have a “value” as such (for example a workplace, family or community dispute) we will provide you with a specific costing based on your needs and budget.

In certain circumstances, some of our Mediators may be able to show flexibility on fees – so please do contact us if you are trying to mediate on a budget. We will always do our very best to accommodate you wherever possible – and we’ll always aim to at least match any comparable mediation service quotes you may have been given.

(A Full days’ mediation is shown below as 7 hours. This is usually from 10am until 5pm. Half day mediations are normally 4 hours and can be from 10am until 2pm or from 1pm until 5pm, at the convenience of the clients.)

Please call us on 0203 642 5899 at any time to discuss your requirements and budget!

Amount in Dispute                         Fees Per Party                   Length of Mediation

£5,000 or less                                     £50                                        1 Hour*

£5,000 or less                                     £100                                      2 Hours*

£5,000 – £15,000                                £300                                       3 Hours

£15,000 – £50,000                              £425                                       4 Hours

          or                                              £750                                       7 Hours

£50,000 – £250,000                             £995 – £1,250                        7 Hours

£250,000 – £500,000                           £1,395                                    7 Hours

£500,000 – £1M                                   £1,595                                    7 Hours

£1M – £5M                                           £1,750                                    7 Hours

Higher Value Claims**                          £1,800+                                  7 Hours

Extra Hours – will be charged at £100 plus VAT per party up to £50,000 value or £150plus VAT per party for dispute in excess of £50,000.

* The mediation will probably be conducted by telephone for small claims £5k and under.

** With claims over £5M fees can either be fixed (giving the client certainty and confidence to instruct) or individually negotiable (giving the Mediator a judgement call on such issues as complexity and potential extra preparation tim

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