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Making mediation local to YOU

GetMediation have a large panel of some of the UK’s leading mediators, and they are happy to travel to your offices or to an appropriate city venue in a location to suit the parties in your dispute.

Our carefully chosen panel of mediators are based all around the country, so whether you’re in Sunderland or Southend, London or Liverpool we cam deal with your dispute with the very minimum of fuss.

GetMediation means “Mediation Made Easy” – as we say on our Home page, so we provide top quality, comprehensive services that are convenient to you, or your clients.

We have specific office bases and there are located in:

Bristol Mediators

Mediation in Bristol with GetMediation

We have offices located specifically in Bristol about 2.5 miles from the city centre, and can service a wide range of venues both in Bristol and in the wider West Country, including Cardiff and Bath.

Birmingham Mediators

Birmingham Mediators


We’ve also got offices in Birmingham, in the leafy suburb of Royal Sutton Coldfield. Again, this is convenient for us to supply mediators from here to Birmingham and to the whole of the west Midlands are as well as Warwickshire and Staffordshire.

For more information on the offices just click on the links above for the Google+ pages or on the links below for Google Maps and further details.

You can find these specific locations, maps, directions and much more here for Bristol Mediators and here for Birmingham Mediators.

Experience tells us it’s often easiest for clients to send us an email, with some details of your query and the nature and value of your matter or issue so we can come back to youwith specific information on the first call, the first time we speak.

To do that, just send us a message on our quick and easy form here

If you prefer to call, simply dial:

Bristol Mediators on 0203 608 0161

Birmingham Mediators on 0121 308 1324

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