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Mediation is a vastly superior way to settle your dispute in almost all cases, from almost any objective point of view.

It can be very easy when you are bogged down in the emotional anger of litigation to become blinkered to anything but the black and white arguments that you’re going to rely on.

GetMediation solves Litigation

The fact is that nearly always this quest to be proved “right” in court results in a loss of your time, money and often a portion of your sanity too.

Litigation is a savage process on clients (and their lawyers too, believe it or not). Deep down most people don’t enjoy conflict and try to avoid it.

However, when the “blood is up” we will often do things that, if only we could”take a step back”, or “count to ten” or “pause for thought”, would be obviously self destructive. When it comes to litigation this is regularly destructively expensive financially as wel as emotionally and takes a huge toll on all the parties involved.

That’s why we love mediation. The mediation process solves 90% of he cases we handle and so 9 out of 10 clients leave the building on the mediation day with the weight of the world lifted from them and ready and eager to resume their happy lives free of the burden of conflict.

A successful mediation, the sooner the better, therefore saves you time, money and a lot of stress and gives you a solid settlement – that YOU have helped to broker and agree. It allows you to get on with your precious life and to devote your time, money and energy to he things that are important and that bring you joy, wealth and happiness.

Successful Mediation Means Peace of Mind

So, with information in mind, we’ve put some pages together for you so you can find out more about what happens in mediation and what to do and expect on the day. You can navigate to the right pages simply by clicking on the drop down menus or by following the links below:

Mediation Day – What happens and what to expect.

About Your Mediator – Who will they be and what qualifications will they have?

What Do You Need To Know? All the really good reasons you’ve made the right decision to mediate.

Senior mediator PanelGetMediation’s most senior mediators.

Complaints Procedure – We haven’t ever had a complaint, but there is still a procedure for one because we take client satisfaction cvery seriously!

We also have a FAQ section, and naturally you can also ask us anything you need to here.

All of this means you know that you are in safe hands when you choose a GetMediation mediator.


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