About your Mediator

Each of our GetMediation mediators is an outstanding and carefully chosen individual.

Each is fully qualified and accredited by the Civil Mediation Council and is insured for more than £1,000,000.

And each abides by our ethos and principles and follows the “Golden Rules” of mediation, which means:

  • Confidentiality – anything that happens in the mediation is confidential
  • All discussions that you have with the mediator in private stay private and confidential. Nothing is disclosed to the other participant without your permission
  • Everything is “Without Prejudice” – which is a “lawyerly” way of saying that nothing said at the mediation can be referred to or brought up in any court case if the mediation ends without a settlement
  • Everything is Voluntary – nobody is put under pressure, and any party can leave the mediation at any time is they wish to
  • The Mediator is NOT a judge. Their role is to be a neutral facilitator to help both participants find a solution they can live with
  • The Mediator doesn’t give either participant legal advice. Though your mediator my well be a lawyer outside the mediation room, inside it s/he is simply there to help you come to a workable solution to your dispute
  • The Mediator will ask each participant challenging questions in the private meetings the aim of which is to help that participant see a way forward which they may not have previously seen and which will help them to find an overall solution
  • There is never any binding agreement until it is written up at the end of the mediation and then signed by all parties to it

  • All GetMediation mediators operate under the EU Code of Conduct for Mediators, and the terms of the GetMediation Mediation Agreement, which ensures:

o   The competence and suitability of the mediator

o   Independence and complete impartiality

o   Correct process governing the mediation, settlement and mediation fees

o   Absolute and complete confidentiality

We only offer the very best people in their fields as mediators at GetMediation – so you can go ahead with mediating your dispute in total confidence that you’re doing the right thing and that you’re doing it with the right people.

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